RubiksCubeArt Regular vs HD "Mini" Cubes

Standard (5.3 cm) Cubes

These projects use “party favor” grade cubes measuring 5.3 cm in all dimensions as the paint and canvas for your project.  The cubes do not turn well, but for a fixed use like this, they are the most economical for both cost and weight despite their flaws compared to the original Rubik’s Cube (TM).

Standard 300 Cube Framed Mosaic


From Left to Right:  Mini (3cm) Cube, Standard (5.3cm) cube, Genuine Rubik’s (TM) Cube (special order for RubiksCubeArt projects), and White Cubes (special order for RubiksCubeArt projects).

HD Mini (3cm) Cubes

These 3cm “party favor” grade cubes are colorful and light.  They are great if you need to increase the pixel density of your photo without increasing the size.  The same image below is nearly 1/3 the size and weight of the full size cube project.  The obvious drawback is the lack of similarity to the original and more authentic-sized puzzle cubes.

Customized Rubik's Cube Mini Framed Art

Size Guide for RubiksCubeArt Designs


How Much Space Do You Have?

Cube Art Mosaics can get pretty large and heavy.

Do you have a secure wall for the weight?

We give you detailed instructions to mount your project to a plywood backer board.  Rectangular projects are the easiest to hang.

Shapes like irregualar ovals can only be made as a special order.  Contact us at for more information.

 Check the size and weight estimates below.

close up of cube faces

More Cubes = More Pixels

All digitized images are made from pixels.
Each cube contains 9 pixels that make up the image.

So the more cubes you order, the more realistic your image will appear.
For some images that are geometric like flags, the difference is negligible.
For faces and complex images, the difference is dramatic.

 Scroll down to check out some examples.


We Can Help!

Email us anytime at with your questions.

Review our Photo Tips.  A well-selected photo can require less pixels than a photo that is too busy.

Consider using the Mini Cubes for more detail, or if you have limited wall space.

Purchase our design service up front and preview your cube art up front so there are no surprises.  You will receive a full credit of the design fee toward your order of your completed art project.

Fully Assembled Cube Mosaic Approximate Dimensions and Weight by Number of Cubes

Standard Size Cubes
100 cubes   23″ x 23″   20 pounds
150 cubes   27″ x 29″   27 pounds
200 cubes   30″ x 33″   35 pounds
250 cubes   36″ x 36″   42 pounds
300 cubes   38″ x 40″   49 pounds

There is no limit to how large your project can be.  Special assembly instructions will be required for very large projects.

Please note, there are many different lengths and widths that use the same number of cubes.  Your aspect ratio will reflect the dimensions of your image.

Mini Size Cubes
100 cubes   14″ x 14″   11 pounds
150 cubes   16″ x 16″   13 pounds
200 cubes   18″ x 18″   15 pounds
250 cubes   20″ x 20″   18 pounds
300 cubes   22″ x 22″   21 pounds

There is no limit to how large your project can be.  Special assembly instructions will be required for very large projects.

Please note, there are many different lengths and widths that use the same number of cubes.  Your aspect ratio will reflect the dimensions of your image.

Examples of Rubix Cube Mosaic Art by Pixel Density (# of Cubes)

Please note that these images are roughly proportional to each other but could be resized by your browser.  Resized .jpg’s will not represent the thin black gridlines evenly.  The finished work will look better than this design image.  This example is meant to illustrate differences in detail even if the size proportions are altered.

120 Cube Project

120 cube painting

While this famous painting is very recognizable even with only 1,080 total pixels, a lot of detail is lost in the man’s face and in the pitchfork.  During the design process, we would typically override the software and change a few pixels to create the pitchfork and try to add more detail on the man’s face.

221 Cube Project


Nearly doubling the pixels adds much more detail.  Still some detail in the faces and the pitchfork is lacking.  This piece, including the plywood backing would weigh approximately 36 pounds.

374 Cube Project

Rubik's Cube Wall Art Mosaic

This piece has the most detail, and could undergo a few manual pixel adjustments to add additional detail in the door and window.  This is a good example of a project that could be made from mini cubes and have great detail at a more affordable price and smaller size.
If this is ordered with standard size cubes, it would be 4 feet tall once assembly was completed.

117 Cubes Rectangular


Logos and clip art often look nice even at lower resolutions.  This is the rectangular form that would be suitable for framing after final assembly.  During the design process, individual pixels can be further adjusted to make the teeth more prominent, but there are not enough pixels to add the extra white border around the gator head, for example.

97 Cubes Oval


There is always an option to trim away the all white background cubes.  This reduces the project down to 97 cubes but does not reduce the size or resolution of the logo.  This type of irregular shape requires additional assembly skill and a custom-cut piece of plywood backing. Note that the edges of this oval logo will still have some white since every cube must have all 9 of its pixels.

386 Cubes Rectangular

Gator Head Cube Mosaic

Triple the resolution gives outstanding detail to this logo.  This is a clear illustration why selecting the largest possible number of cubes that fits your wall space and your budget is best.  Or, consider using Mini cubes for even more pixels per inch.

144 Cubes


Some faces can do well enough in a small project like this.  So why not order a RubiksCubeArt project today for your spouse.  They will “Twist and Shout” when they see their face in pixelated cube faces.

225  Cubes


“Maybe I’m Amazed” that a plain white background and dark clothing make for the best image for a RubiksCubeArt project.

324 Cubes


While a large project like this may seem like a “Long and Winding Road” to finish, more pixels are always worth it in the end.